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Enduring quality without compromise


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Change of corporate structure to ”Nippon Kanzai Holdings Co., Ltd.”

Nippon Kanzai's mission is to keep buildings safe and sound. We have been entrusted with the management and care of our customers’ valuable properties since our establishment in 1965. Until now, as the needs of our customers have become more diverse, sophisticated, and complex in response to changes in social conditions, we have continually evolved our business content and level of operations, aiming to be "a company that contributes to society through continuous growth" while striving to provide high quality services. We believe it is essential to continue strengthening our business while demonstrating group synergy in order to accelerate further business development and sustainable growth in the future. As such, we have decided to change our corporate structure and embark on a new voyage as Nippon Kanzai Holdings Co., Ltd. from April 3, 2023. Please look forward to the future growth of the Nippon Kanzai Group.


Nippon Kanzai Group is engaged in a wide range of businesses related to building management.


Under the theme of "Enduring quality without compromise," we practice various activities to support social infrastructure.


We aim to be a sustainable company trusted by society through our comprehensive real estate services.